About BlackBerry Manager

BlackBerry Manager provides an easy way to install BlackBerry apps on your Android device. Discover BlackBerry's Message Hub and experience other apps made by BlackBerry such as Calendar, Contacts, Keyboard, Launcher and more.

BlackBerry Manager main features

Please read the 'readme' page for more information about BlackBerry Manager.

Reviews about BlackBerry Manager


"Though Blackberry’s name does not ring the bells it once did, the company’s software is still showing useful innovation and rock-solid performance. The patched versions found in the Blackberry Manager app gave no issues whatsoever during testing." Read more...


"Mit dem "BlackBerry Manager" bekommen Sie Zugriff auf eine ganze Reihe Apps, die bisher nicht zugänglich waren - die ein oder andere Perle lässt sich darunter finden." Read more...


"So, if you can’t download BlackBerry’s made-for-Android apps on your phone, you might want to give cobalt232’s BlackBerry Manager a try. All you need is a phone running Android 5.0..." Read more...