Long time it seemed to be impossible to install a fully functional version of the original Google Play Store on a BlackBerry device. Those days are over. I proudly present the Google Play store, with all the bells and whistles.

Disclaimer: This is a modified/patched software. It is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Applied modifications: Rewrite of downloader code, rewrite of app installation/uninstallation code. Patch to prevent GMS core updates. Patch to prevent selfupdate. The purchasing part is UNTOUCHED.

Please read the full post, including the FAQ, before installing anything.





...and all the other great features Google Play store offers


Download the 3 files listed below to your Blackberry device by clicking on the download links. Then install and run the files in the described order.

Step 1: Add a Google system account to your device
Install Run the app and login with your Google credentials. The app will close (minimize) if the step completed successfully. You should now be able to see your Google account in Blackberry Settings -> Accounts -> Third Party Accounts.

Step 2: Register your device with Google Play
Install cobalt.blackberry.googleID. Run the app and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after successfull registration.

Step 3: Install Google Play Store
Install Run and enjoy the Play Store!

All 3 apps MUST remain installed on your device otherwise Google Play store will not work.


Download Google Account Manager 4.3.3 [Released on October 10, 2015]

Download Blackberry Google ID 2.8 [Released on December 23, 2015]

Download Google Play Store 6.0.0 build 2 [Released on Oktober 1, 2017]


Play Store is crashing when I'm trying to download or update an app
Remove (uninstall) Play Store from the device and install the new build 2 version from the file share. Do NOT update the new version over the old one!

Does this work on any device?
Play Store works on any Blackberry device running OS 10.3 or better. OS 10.2.x is not supported.

I can't login with Google Account Manager
Assuming that you have entered the correct password, you now have the following options:

1) Turn OFF 2-Step Verification for your Google account here: Google Account settings. Then enter your normal Google email password to login. This is the easiest way to get it running.

2) If you want to use 2-Step Verification with your Google Account, you'll have to create an app specific password for the Google Login app and then use that password to login.

I'm seeing the message "Error while retrieving information from server [DF-DFERH-01]"
This error may occour if Google changes something on their servers and the Play Store app did not sync correctly. It is a well know issue that also happens on Android devices. To fix this problem, go to Blackberry Settings -> App Manager -> Device Monitor -> Storage -> Play Store and click on "Clear Data". This will clear the cache and fix the problem.

I downloaded an app from Play Store and now it's asking for Google Play Services
Google Play services is a Framework that is provided by Google to help developers to speed up and simplify app development. Some apps that you download from Play Store may require Google Play services (mostly apps from Google, apps that display some kind of geographic map and apps that require Google+ login). These apps can be patched and will work to a certain extent. Read this post for more details: Cobalt's official Google Apps Landing Page

Are you logging my account data or stealing my money?
I can assure that no data is logged or transferred anywhere else than to the Google servers. Your data and your money is secure.

Where can I get help if everything goes wrong?
For help and support check my Play Store thread on Crackberry

Is this all for free?
Yes, it is! But please consider that I've spent hundreds of hours doing the reverse engineering of all this stuff, patching it, rewriting code and testing it. So if you really appreciate my work, I would be happy if you donate a few bucks. But it's up to you.

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Google Play Store 6.0.0 build 2

Blackberry Google ID 2.8